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Art - 鸭梨

Another art practice, although I think should practice another style, decided to just go for this.

Again, not 100% happy but too lazy to continue. And the objective was just to be fast.

Art is based on 黎簇(鸭梨) from a chinese drama called 沙海 that I was and still am totally addicted to.
Though 黎簇 is definitely one of the characters I love, my beloved 副官 from 老九门 no doubt is still my favourite.
Of the entire 盗墓笔记 series, 老九门 and 沙海 are definitely the best made dramas with really good actors, script and directing.
And of course, it helps that my favourite 百岁山 is in both series lol.

《让酒》-- Fanmade MV based on theme song from 沙海
Tags: drama, fanart/art, music, 张副官, 张日山, 沙海, 盗墓笔记, 老九门

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