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Jogging, Nanashi & Yuki

Jogging & Plantar fasciitis
I went jogging/walking again today. Some days it is just easier to jog and today was one of the days were I could jog 80% and walk 20%. I find it hard to believe that I can only jog for so far and so long, but I guess all it takes is training.

I actually started out jogging hoping that I could jog every day, thinking that it would help me to lose weight faster. Then after 2 weeks of jogging every day, I realise I couldn't jog/walk every day without my right foot hurting.

My right foot has actually been hurting for 3-4 years. Back when I first joined my previous company, I was working as sales and was wearing heels and walking a lot visiting clients while carrying a heavy laptop, product catalog and quotations. The combination of bad shoes, a lot of walking, standing, and overweight me, eventually resulted in my foot developing Plantar fasciitis. It is basically where this ligament on the foot around the arch area is inflamed.

So every morning when I wake up, my first few step usually hurts until I kind of warm up the ligament. If I sit too long or stand too long, or walk and run too much, the arch hurts as well. The first time I realised I had this problem, the doctor advised me 2 methods of treatment. His best option was for me to walk and stand less for a period of time to allow the inflammation to go away, which was impossible for me as a sales person. So I opted for his other option, which was to take an anti-inflammatory jab on the inflamed ligament. He warned me that the jab was going to be quite painful but I went with it. The jab was painful but bearable. Best part was that, minutes later my foot was no longer in pain!

However, months later I went to Korea with my friend and after climbing a small height on Seoraksan, the same problem came back. Since the foot pain wasn't really affecting my life, I decided to just live with it. For a while when I did Yoga and did lots of stretches, the problem went away as well, but it would always come back.

Anyways, one of the reasons I decided to lose weight was also precisely because of this heel pain. It just wasn't getting any better and I decided that the best way to stop the vicious cycle was to lose weight. I have a foot size of about 5, which is pretty small. I guess my feet are basically complaining that they can't handle the weight anymore lol

So, I realised I couldn't jog every day without getting my heel really inflamed and painful. So now I stick to jogging about 2 or at most 3 times a week. I also try to stretch the leg frequently in the day and it is definitely helping. Hopefully the problem will go away after I lose more weight.

Bringing Nanashi Out

I have been in the BJD hobby for about just about 2 years and Nanashi has been with me for about 6 months.

I came to know about Hujoo Freyr dolls thanks to Nafaid's friend Char, who had the same model which she painted the face-up herself. Char's doll, Yuuta is totally adorable and she would bring him to her travels and take photos of him at the place of attraction. Every time Char shared her photos on FB, I would be tempted to get a similar Yuuta for myself. One day while scrolling through Carousel, I saw someone selling a used Hujoo Freyr doll for S$100 and I immediately contacted the seller. I think I was pretty lucky.

After getting the doll from the seller, I spent weeks researching and figuring out how to do face-ups, and spent more weeks gathering all the materials, before finally doing the face-up. The result was Nanashi, my beautiful grey and white kitty with pink ears.

I thought of bringing him out, as he is very small and light. But most friends were not so welcoming with the idea, which I can totally understand. Not everyone likes dolls, and there are doll types that I personally dislike as well. Wagyuade even jokingly told me she would dump him in the bin if I were to bring him on our trip to Perth. I like to remind her nowadays that her new boyfriend has a Dollfie Dream doll. Life is like a box of chocolates such times lol.

Anyways, on Saturday, Nanashi finally had his first excursion out of the house with me and Nafaid. Nafaid tried to pack him in her backpack pocket but it wasn't deep enough. So he ended up in my bag's pocket which fitted him perfectly. We brought him to Great World City before Nafaid brought him home for a staycation. She sent me lots of photos and I have to say she is a great photographer and Nanashi seems so alive and having fun lol.

All below photos taken by Nafaid.

My favourite of all. Nanashi looks like a modern samurai kneeling on the pillow and a warrior riding on the tiger

Playing with Nafaid's cats and foxes

Enjoying the view from Nafaid's balcony

Nafaid and I will be meeting up this weekend again so Nanashi will be back by then. Meanwhile, I have finally ordered some Ken clothes from carousell so that Nanashi can have some proper clothes. Hopefully the clothes will fit him and make him look all the more cuter!

Little Monster Yuki

The little monster has been putting on a lot of weight after her spay. She used to be very picky about food and barely ate. Ever since her spay, her appetite has grown by triple and she eats EVERYTHING she sees. We have to be very careful not to drop any food on the floor because she would sweep through the food like a hurricane.

At the same time, I have been making it a point to bring her down for walks every evening or night if I can. The walks are fast, usually around 15-20mins because Yuki walks super fast. She walks very quickly because she is scared and worried. I kind of regret not socialising her more during her first 4 months. She is totally a hikkikomori girl who is scared of everything outside her small comfort zone. But well, I guess poodles are just more cautious and gancheong than zen-type shih tzus?


I still can't stop listening to Huo Zun. Think I will be fangirling him for a while while exploring all his music xD.

The lyrics of this song is very beautiful because they are written by 方文山, which also means that I can't pronounce some of the words.
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