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Art - 粉墨

It's been years since I drew anything, because I was so busy with work I just didn't really had much time to do it.
Last night, decided to just do a quick practice. Quick practice turned into this today.

Not 100% happy with it, but too lazy to continue with it lol.
Anyways, it's just for practice.

Drawing pose is based on this chinese singer called Henry Huo/Huo Zun (霍尊) whom I recently fell in love with.
Because his singing is sooooooo good.

Thanks to Ros, I had actually been chasing Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) and was watching Singer 2018 to see Huahua. Huo Zun appeared as one of the challengers in the 8th episode and I was immediately blown away by his singing and style...

因为完全就是仙人仙音啊~!! (跪拜)


霍尊 《北京一夜》 -- definitely one of my favourite songs even in its original version, and Huo Zun sang it perfectly XD

He also acted in a movie called 《花落梦深处》where he sings the theme song《粉墨》.

I managed to watch the movie since it was on youtube as well.

In 《花落梦深处》, Huo Zun acts as a Japanese young man visiting a Chinese old town where he falls in love with a Kunqu Opera singer girl. As he stays in the town, he slowly discovers that his grandfather and the town has a hidden story that might bring him and the girl apart.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The story is quite pretty but slow. And I'm still kind of confused over the story, which I think was the intention of the movie to blur the lines between dreams and reality. But... it's still a very beautiful story, feeling more like a short novel than movie.
Tags: fanart/art, henryhuo, movie, music, 霍尊

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