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4 Aug 2003 ~ 18 Jun 2017
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※ mayu, to her friends online
※ Born in Singapore as the younger of a pair of lovely twin girls. Twin sister miyabi_kkg
※ A workaholic and wanderluster in her early 30s enjoying work, travel, food and all the wonderful experiences in life
※ Lived and studied in Hokkaido, Japan for 2 years.

※ Majored Japanese Studies in NUS, studied 3D Graphics Design in 日本工学院北海道専門学校.
Trilingual in English, Chinese and Japanese and proficient in Singlish. Picking up some Korean now.
Enjoys eating, traveling, writing, drawing, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and experiences
※ 新欢旧爱: Shinhwa & Gackt + Kinki Kids
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