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※ Majored Japanese Studies in NUS, studied 3D Graphics Design in 日本工学院北海道専門学校.
Trilingual in English, Chinese and Japanese and proficient in Singlish. Picking up some Korean now.
Enjoys eating, traveling, writing, drawing, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and experiences
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Identity V

It's been some time since I posted. And I have to admit I have been kind of lazing around, preparing myself mentally for the upcoming new job and company. I haven't even actually been going to exercise much.

But mainly, it's because I started playing a new mobile game -- Identity V!!

Identity V is a 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game with a Tim Burton-esque style, gothic visuals, and a suspenseful story line. (Copied from Wiki).

To make it simpler, Identity V is a survival game, with 4 survivors vs 1 hunter. The player can choose to be either one of the 4 survivors or to be the Hunter. The survivors' objective is to decode 5 cipher machines so as to open the gate to escape. The Hunter's objective is to capture the survivors and stop them from escaping. Game play is pretty clear and easy, where you control the joint stick and run around the map to get to the machines or to run away from the Hunter or to chase the survivors. It's Hide and Seek X Catching in a Chucky type of horror setting.

I actually installed and tried the game when it was first launched last year. But I got freaked out by the game, found it too stressful and uninstalled the game before even completing the tutorial. But recently I decided to try it again and totally fell in love with it.

Granted, it is not an easy game. I'm still very bad at running away from the Hunter and I lose my direction all the time. There were even a few times where I couldn't find the gate to escape and was eventually captured by the Hunter. But it was still fun.

Since the players are generated randomly, every game is different. Some survivors are friendly and helpful, they will come save or heal you when you are captured or hurt. Some are really pros and decode the machines at godspeed. Some are amazing at rescuing captured survivors or getting the Hunter's attention. Being a newbie, I'm still losing many times and getting sent off by the rocket chair, I'm not good at saving my team mates but I heal them whenever I can. And the occasional victory and escape are very satisfying and that's what gets me back into the game again and again.

Not sure how long this game can keep my attention. But I think this is going to work out pretty long.

帝一之国 / Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High

I randomly downloaded a bunch of Suda Masaki's movies to watch and ended up watching "Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High". I absolutely loved the movie, so much that I eventually read the entire manga "Teiichi No Kuni" by Usamaru Furuya which the movie is based on.

The movie is a very good and close adaptation of the manga and I recommend anyone who enjoyed the movie to read it.

Movie/Manga summary:

The story takes place during the Showa era, at Kaitei Supreme High School which is one of Japan's most elite high school. Previously a military/navy school, Kaitei's Student Council is heavily involved in running the laws and operations of the school, and works in a similar way as the Japanese bureaucracy system. The president of the Student Council is not only guaranteed a position in a top university in Japan after graduation, he is also promised a prestigious position and unhindered path into the Japanese bureaucracy system. At the start of the new year, Akaba Teiichi joins the school as a first year student and sets out to become the president by joining the fierce competition and politics of the student council.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I had completely no idea what I was getting into when I first watched the movie. I thought that it might just be a high school coming-of-age movie and I was sooooo wrong. While the story does show how Teiichi grows and matures, the show/manga is really more of a satirical reflection of the Japanese political world, where the high school kids do all sorts of shameless and comedic acts to get into inner political circles and to pull votes that might get them to the position of President.

The original student council reminded me very much of Clamp School Detectives's student council - all powerful and highly respected. However, Kaitei's student council is much scarier than Clamp's. There is bullying, power harrassment and every one is extremely political. Just a small mistake may cost you your potential political position and choosing the right senior to follow is the utmost importance in surviving.

I personally like the democratic school culture that Morizono proposed and Dan supported, since this is basically the democratic world that we are currently living in. But in Showa era, I guess the democracy that Morizono and Dan were proposing must have been extreme and unacceptable for the aristocrats and privileged people like Teiichi, Kikuma and Roland. Fortunately, eventually Teiichi and Roland do learn that the world is changing and that democracy is the new ideal, and that their privileged position must be put in the correct direction tin order to survive in the changing world.

Teiichi is not the best guy in the story. That role definitely goes to Dan, who is a kind, generous and innocent genius that even the sly and clever Teiichi is frustrated with. But back to Teiichi, he is a rat who switches side (though not exactly out of choice) and the many things that he does, are still essentially for his own benefit and survival. But perhaps exactly because of his flexibility and cleverness, and thanks to the influence from the people around him, Teiichi does eventually learn from his mistakes and experience and get to where he wants in the manga.

I was surprised by how much bromance there was in the manga, given that the mangaka is a guy. But then again, the story takes place in an all boys school. While there is Mimiko, who both Dan and Teiichi likes, many of the other guys do not exactly have a girlfriend or any girls in the picture.

And my favourite bromance? Definitely Roland and Koma!

Despite all the stupid things that Roland did in desperation to become the President, Koma has always been by his side. I absolutely love their bromance and I think there is no other couple in the movie/manga that has a stronger relationship than them. I mean, Koma even agreed to work as a cross-dress club with Roland in the manga and was willing to sacrifice himself to help Roland earn more money. Koma's betrayal basically broke Roland, and it was all the more heartbreaking knowing why Roland did it. I was so happy afterwards when they got back together.

The other bromance that I enjoyed was Teiichi and Koumei. Koumei has been following and supporting Teiichi since the very beginning an knows everything about Teiichi, to the point where he can actually predict Teiichi's actions before Teiichi himself realises (preparing the mat for Teiichi to commit suicide in case Morizono fails the election). Teiichi said that Koumei is his partner and it is clear that Koumei would do everything to help Teiichi, and that Koumei might actually be more important to Teiichi than anyone else. It was painful to see Koumei brainwashed and away from Teiichi in the manga. And i totally teared up when Koumei remembered everything and Teiichi ran to hug him.

Another bromance couple I really enjoyed is Roland and Morizono. I honestly never expected Morizono to request Roland to be one of his vice-president, but that is also what makes Morizono a great leader and shogi-chess player, which is that he knows exactly who to employ and how to have them work for him. Morizono is definitely the type of guy I would wish to have as a leader or boss. Roland's loyalty to Morizono after the election is also pretty incredible, after cutting off his long hair in the manga, he never grew it back in loyalty and commitment to Morizono and the student council that Morizono built.

I wish that the manga could be longer, but Usamaru Furuya gave a very beautiful ending where I think everyone had good endings. I really hate political stuff, but this manga/movie couldn't have been done better. Will probably be looking out for more of Usamaru Furuya's manga and Masaki Suda's shows.

3年A組-今から皆さんは、人質です / Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom

I finally watched Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom!

I had first saw the short clip on FB and had been wanting to watch this drama for some time. And yes, after starting the drama around yesterday late afternoon, I couldn't stop watching all 10 episodes and ended up chasing the drama till 3am this morning. Because, I just had to know the ending!

Story Summary:
Hiiragi is the homeroom teacher for Class 3A. He is generally disrespected and even kind of bullied by this students. 10 days before graduation, he gathers the class and announces that he has planted explosives all around and is going to take the entire class hostage. Over the 10 days, Hiiragi forces his students to think about what they had done and to face the truths that they had been denying.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
When I had first saw the trailer, the first thing that came into mind was 'Kokuhaku', which is this other Japanese movie about a teacher exacting revenge on her students for their part in her daughter's death. I love this type of genres, where teachers are against students or vice versa, like GTO or Kokuhaku.

And yes, that is basically how the story first developed. We find out that a student in their class named Reina had committed suicide a few months earlier, and that she was actually bullied/outcasted by her class shortly before her death. As the story progresses, we also discover that Reina was once of the top swimming athletics and was well-liked by her school and classmates. However, when a fake video of her doping started circulating on social media, she fell from grace and was bullied not only by the people around her, but also on social media where people criticized her relentlessly.

Hiiragi starts off by forcing those in school who are physically involved in creating the fake video and circulating the fake news to own up and face their responsibilities in contributing to Reina's death. But eventually, we see that he has deeper motives and his ultimate goal is to educate his students and the world to think about their words and actions on social media. Dying from cancer and with less than 1 year to live, his original motive was to investigate what happened to his girlfriend, a former teacher from the same school who suffered from mental problems after a fake video of her was circulated and criticized. But when he discovered that Reina was facing the exact same problem, he realized that this problem of cyber-bullying is a vicious cycle that could happen to anyone because keyboard warriors are not bothered to stop and think. So he creates a fake video as well, which first shows someone else as the potential murderer of Reina, and than he himself as the potential murderer, before declaring that the video was fake all along. With nothing more to lose given his state of health, he makes himself the ultimate villain/anti-hero who successfully trolls the trolls and keyboard warriors.

Coincidentally, currently in Singapore, there is a video circulating online which is causing lots of hype among the keyboard warriors and trolls.The video shows a woman with her friend running to board an mrt. The friends manages to board before the door closes, but the woman misses her chance. The woman then proceeds to pry open the doors and eventually succeeds in boarding the train. She is criticized by commenters for being kiasu, gancheong and selffish for causing potential delay, danger to the other passengers and damage to the train and platform doors.

Just one day later, someone claiming to know the woman, posts that the woman was pushed to desperation as she was chasing her autistic sister who had boarded the train before her. Online news distributors and people started apologizing for their previous comments, some posting that they were ashamed for their previous insensitive comments and that people should be more understanding towards families with autistic members.

1 or 2 days just after the second post, someone who claims to be the daughter of the woman posts again, that the second post was a hoax. And that there were no autistic aunt that her mom was chasing. Her mom was simply in a hurry, and their family was deeply sorry for the entire episode. A total new turn of events, I think by this point, no one dared to say much anymore.

I still have no idea which part of the story is true, and which are fake news. I'm not bothered to find out either, maybe all the posts were fake. But this shows exactly how different perspectives and contexts change how people view situations. And how keyboard warriors, and the general common public online love to criticize before they even attempt to seek the truth. Because you are not held responsible for anything you say online, and it's easy to hide behind the shield of the screen.

And this was exactly what Hiiragi was trying to point out in the drama. Except he decided to bomb up the school and take his entire class as hostage in the process.

The ending was painful to watch. Because realistically, we all know that no matter what Hiiragi or anyone similar to him attempt, the cyberworld and the general world will always have bullies and trolls who just love to see the world burn. There will always be cyberbullying, because it's so easy to get away with and the sense of responsibility is diminished when everyone does it together.

But Hiiragi is hopeful. He knows that he can't change the entire world, but hopes that what he does will change at least 1 person. And that eventually more and more people would take more responsibility in their words and actions in this growing cyber world where everyone can hide behind their screens. As per what Hiiragi had been saying since the first episode - Just think. Sometimes all you need is to just stop and think whether it is necessary to say hurtful insensitive things to people online, especially when you only know one perspective of the story.

Anyways, I started the drama thinking that Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom might be as dark as Kokuhaku. Fortunately, it was not. But the mild suspense and surprising twists is still very captivating as you peel off each layer to discover more truths underneath.  In a way, Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom might actually be more like GTO than Kokuhaku.

I guess it's been a very long time since I had watched any newer Japanese dramas or movies. So I actually didn't recognise most of the cast, including Masaki Suda who was casted as Hiiragi. It was probably around mid series than I started wondering what other shows he had acted in... and then realised that he was actually Shimpachi in Gintama's live action movies!!!!

I was like... O.M.G


I really like him as Hiiragi in Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom, so I'm definitely going to start watching more of his dramas and movies.

SSuda as Hiiragi in the top 2 images and as Shinpachi in the bottom 2 screenshots

Surviving my stomachache/gastric pain

Stomachache/Gastric Pain

Last night I had another episode of turning into a pretzel and lying on the floor in pain from nausea and having my stomach churning and grinding as if I had swallowed a mincer whole.

Around 1am, just shortly after I finished another episode of Walking Dead, i felt a stomachache mounting. Within minutes I was sitting on the toilet feeling waves of nausea washing over me. Fortunately, this time I remembered that I had this medication called BaoJiWan, dug it out from my bag and swallowed it.

Within just a minute, i could feel the pain subside and basically all discomfort disappeared like magic.

This was definitely what I should have done that last time.

It was totally my own fault. I had been working late those few weeks and eat dinner super late. Because of the stress from work, I was craving spicy food constantly and was regularly eating mala with my colleagues, sometimes even a few times in a 5 day work week. That particular night when I got home it was almost 9pm, there was no dinner and I knew that if I didn't eat something, I was sure to get gastric pain the next morning.

Stressed and stupid me decided to happily cook and eat a pack of the Korean double spicy chicken noodle for dinner. I had eaten it in the past and had no problems with it. Half way through the meal, I found the noodles too spicy and decided to down a can of cold beer.

Everything seemed fine, until i woke up with the worse stomachache and gastric pain at 2am in the middle of the night. It was so bad i was getting cold sweat all over, my hands were clammy, my face was white when I looked in the mirror, and i felt like puking any minute. My stomach felt like a mincer was grinding the entire thing into shreds and then churning everything all over again.

I thought if i puked or shit everything out, things would get better, but I was just not shitting or puking, so the pain continued. I was in pain, cold sweating and exhausted from the pain and work earlier that day. For a few moments, I actually wondered if I should wake my parents to have them send me to the hospital A&E. BUT Nooooo, I was too paiseh (embarrassed) to wake them up or go to the hospital. I mean what do you say? I ate waaayyy too spicy food, aggravated the situation with beer and now my stomach is dying??

I ended up lying on the kitchen floor outside the bathroom door coz i was worried that I might throw up in my own room. I was pretty much twisted like a pretzel on the kitchen floor coz it was the only more comfortable position I could get. Miraculously, I actually fell asleep in that position and spot.

So I ended up waking up abruptly on the kitchen floor still twisted like a pretzel maybe 15mins, still in pain, but it was just a pinch better. I figured that if I could manage to fall asleep on the kitchen floor, i could prob sleep in my own bed. So i walked/crawled back to my bed and lay there twisted and scrunched up in a pretzel ball. And fortunately, maybe about 20mins later, the pain finally subsided and I could go back to sleep peacefully.

I haven't touched the Korean spicy noodle again since then. I've also been opting for less spicy mala options whenever possible. For last night, I couldn't figure out what could have caused it, until my sis's husband pointed out that I had eaten 辣子鸡 last night. And then it finally dawned on me that I had eaten the spicy 辣子鸡 without eating any rice or carbohydrates, which possibly resulted in the spiciness and chilli being too strong on my stomach.

Conclusion was that, I should probably refrain from eating overly-spicy food, and also that BaoJiWan is a true miracle elixir.

Exercise & Weight losing journey

2 weeks ago, I found elliptical cross-trainers at the new fitness corner just across our block. So instead of jogging, I have been going to the fitness corner to exercise on the cross trainer instead. I felt that the cross trainer actually worked both my arms and legs, and was definitely less damaging to my kneecap and heel.

So far, I'm still at arond 72-73kg, depending on the day, which is a 2kg+ weight loss since I started in end of May. Sadly, there is still no visible changes, but I guess perseverance is the only way. Aiming to hit 70kg by end of the year, or possibly even arund 68kg. But it's still a long distance to my healthy weight range.

The Walking Dead
I started watching The Walking Dead again.

From last year July till around Feb this year, I was crazy over The Walking Dead. I was not only watching the drama, I was also playing its game The Walking Dead Our World, which was an augmented-reality game similar to “Pokemon Go. I was so crazy on the game I was basically playing non-stop on the way to and back from work. I would even take the longer route on buses just to be able to play the game. In a way, I guess the game was an escape and it brought my mind away from the reality, which was that I was starting to hate what I was doing at work and felt like a mindless zombie slowly burning away everyday at work. I was killing zombies to de-stress, seeing their heads explode in gore and blood was satisfying. I stopped playing the game the day I tendered, and I haven't restarted since then. I still have the game app in my phone, I still love the game and the guild I was in, maybe some day I will start to play it again.

Anyways, I was stuck at the end of season 5 of the drama, because I couldn't bear to continue watching, knowing what happens in the later seasons.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Like why the fuck did they kill off Glenn???

He is definitely my favourite character so when I found out that they killed him off in season 7, I just couldn't bring myself to continue watching the show. Of course, I love the other characters like Carol, Daryl, Rick and Maggie. But Glenn was just my favourite of all. Because he was easy to identify with, at least for me.

I loved how kind he was despite being in such a vicious world. That no matter how the world changed, and how savage the things and the people around him had become, he always saw things half cup full. He could be independant and solo, yet was loyal and commited to Rick and Maggie's leadership, and he could also take the lead and responsibility of a team whenever required. And still most of all, no matter what happened, he believed in a better future and had hopes towards people and life.

I was seriously crushed when I  found out how he brutally he was killed. I haven't seen Negan appear since I'm still currently at season 6, but I'm already hating the asshole.

But I still finally decided to continue the drama. I'm not sure if I would enjoy the later seasons so much, but I guess I can only try.



I finally watching the Korean movie 'Burning' last night, and I rewatched parts of it again today.

'Burning' is basically about 3 young people in South Korea.
The main character is Jongsu, a delivery man and aspiring writer who recently returns to his violent, possibly even abusive father's dilapidated countryside farm located so near to North Korea they can hear their propaganda message everyday. Obviously in the lower rungs of society, Jongsu tries to make ends meet but his problems are complicated by his father's impending court case and dying farm business.
Haemi, a young lady who is also struggling to make ends meet and suffering from credit-card debts (a problem in Korea's young generation), is Jongsu's childhood neighhbour. The two coincidentally meet again one day and Haemi asks Jongsu to help take care of her cat while she travels to Africa to search for 'great hunger'.
Lastly, there is Ben, a wealthy young man Haemi meets on her Africa trip and introduces to Jongsu on her return. Ben is a self-declared arsonist who seemingly leads a carefree life in an Gangnam apartment, sips coffee in classy cafes and hangs out with friends who are equally wealthy.  in contrast to Jongsu, Ben is likened to Gatsby, living a life that is like a dream, but yet also mysterious and no one knows what he actually does to become so rich.

Why I had wanted to watch the movie was because I'm a fan of both Steven Yuen (my favourite character from Walking Dead being Glenn) and Yoo Ah-in (he was so cute in 成均館緋聞).

Then about 1/4 into the show, the pace of the movie and the entire story started getting kind of painful for me to watch. I googled the movie and realised that the movie is based on the short story "Barn Burning" by author Haruki Murakami. And no wonder. I have a love-hate thing towards Haruki Murakami. His stories have always been very painful for me to read or watch, because of the slow pace and confusion. But at the end of the books I would can't help but want to go through the entire thing again.

Anyways, once I got past the pace and confusion, 'Burning' movie is a really great film. The movie is intentionally filmed in a way where everything in the show is presented in a very ambiguous manner, and the viewers are left to form their own conclusion about what happened and what is the truth. It is definitely a movie that I would recommend to watch and I can definitely see why it was selected as the South Korean entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards although it was not nominated.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

For me, the entire story revolves around 2 questions

1. Was Ben a serial killer or was he just a Gatsby?
Personally, I prefer to think of him as a killer. I like to think that when Ben talks about himself as an arsonist who enjoys burning greenhouses, he is actually talking about murdering people. He murders people who he deem as empty and seemingly meaningless, just as he told Jongsu that he burns old empty, seemingly useless greenhouses left in the fields.

And the film ambiguously provides support to Ben being a serial killer. When Jongsu questions Ben on who judges whether the greenhouses are useful/meaningful or not, Ben replies that he doesn't judge. He simply accepts that they are useless and are simply waiting to be burnt away, and that he is like the rain which washes away people with flood waters. There is no right or wrong since it is just a natural part of nature, which I think is a very psychopathic and self-entitled thought.

Ben also mentions that he burns only greenhouses belonging to others, and he acknowledges that this is a crime that he easily commits with no guilt, and that he has already found one very very near to Jongsu. I like to think that the greenhouse near Jongsu refers to Haemi and Ben knows that Jongsu likes Haemi before Jongsu even told him

After Haemi goes missing and Jongsu starts to stalk Ben, Ben brings Jongsu on a merry-go-round chase around the farmlands. When they arrive at the lake, I can't help but think that this is where Ben hid Haemi's body, and he is actually letting Jongsu know and scorning him at the same time. While Haemi was his initial intended victim, it seemed like he started to enjoy toying with Jongsu, intentionally telling Jongsu about his arson-ism, inviting Jongsu to his house where Jongsu finds Haemi's watch and cat. I think Ben intentionally revealed all these because he realised that other than murder, these acts of silently confusing and torturing Jongsu also make him hear the very satisfying sound of bass in his heart which he craves.

Then again, there is also the possibility that Ben was not a serial killer that Jongsu imagines him to be. He could very well just be a very nice generous friend towards Haemi and Jongsu who like Gatsby, was misunderstood and framed for something he did not do, and eventually killed. As such, a happier ending for me, would actually be to believe that Ben is a serial killer as per Jongsu's belief. Because the alternative would mean that he is just an innocent wealthy man whose only crime was in burning greenhouses, changing girlfriends frequently and being rich.

2. Why did Jongsu kill Ben?
In a way, no matter Ben killed Haemi or not, Jongsu eventually chose to believe that Ben had killed Haemi. He gave in to violence and he made the conscious effort to murder Ben -- By asking Ben out to the farmlands, bringing a knife to stab him, and preparing gasoline to burn the body and car. It was a very active action and confrontation compared to the passivity he showed for the entire movie.

If we see Jongsu in a more positive light, then his reason to murder Ben was simply to exact revenge on Ben killing Haemi. From Jongsu's perspective, he had come to believe that this rich charming psychopath had picked Haemi as a victim, murdered Haemi, cleaned up Haemi's room after dumping her body, took her watch, stole her cat and moved onto the next victim as if nothing happened. Jongsu had tried so hard to stop Ben from burning the greenhouses, and when he finally figured out what it all meant, what else could he do with his anger but to avenge Haemi by killing Ben?

But on the other hand, Jongsu had also only met Haemi again just shorty before Ben met Haemi. I find it hard to be imagine that this newly ignited un-reciprocated love towards Haemi was sufficient motivation for Jongsu to kill Ben. I prefer to believe that jealousy and frustration towards Ben on his wealthy and carefree life, which is a huge contrast to Jongsu's own strugging life, and the fact that Haemi obviously prefered Ben over him, may have been the bigger factor in driving Jongsu to murder Ben. But it's a very sad thought, because if this is true, innocent Ben is really just a victim of Jongsu's frustration towards his own social status and life.

At the same time, both innocent Ben and serial killer Ben had also been seemingly provoking Jongsu, their generosity and friendliness towards Jongsu and Haemi a sarcastic jab at Jongsu's struggling life. Innocent Ben definitely wasn't expecting Jongsu to kill him, but I still can't decide whether serial killer Ben expected Jongsu to kill him. Serial Killer Ben had definitely been pushing Jongsu's buttons, to see whether Ben would take any action. It's too sad for me to think of innocent Ben being stabbed to death and his body left burning in his car... so I would still go for the idea of Jongsu having killed serial killer Ben and Ben received what he deserved.

But maybe, the best ending I would have liked was that Jongsu's murder of Ben was just a part of Jongsu's novel. And that he never did carry out the murder. Maybe they would stay as acquaintances or never meet again, which might actually be the best ending for the both of them.

From my Fujoshi world
Yes, the fujoshi in me couldn't help it. When you put 2 handsome guys together, I just have to.
And yes.. there are chinese fics on lofter that actually puts them together. ❤❤❤

Just look at Ben hanging on to Jongsu tighting at the end, it's almost like a hug.

And how Jongsu looks at Ben from behind... this could have been a scene from any BL drama.

Ben smiling happily at Jongsu.

Ben smiling a little sadly at Jongsu.❤❤❤

Trailer of Burning

Art - 鸭梨

Another art practice, although I think should practice another style, decided to just go for this.

Collapse )

Art is based on 黎簇(鸭梨) from a chinese drama called 沙海 that I was and still am totally addicted to.
Though 黎簇 is definitely one of the characters I love, my beloved 副官 from 老九门 no doubt is still my favourite.
Of the entire 盗墓笔记 series, 老九门 and 沙海 are definitely the best made dramas with really good actors, script and directing.
And of course, it helps that my favourite 百岁山 is in both series lol.

《让酒》-- Fanmade MV based on theme song from 沙海

Jogging, Nanashi & Yuki

Jogging & Plantar fasciitis
I went jogging/walking again today. Some days it is just easier to jog and today was one of the days were I could jog 80% and walk 20%. I find it hard to believe that I can only jog for so far and so long, but I guess all it takes is training.

I actually started out jogging hoping that I could jog every day, thinking that it would help me to lose weight faster. Then after 2 weeks of jogging every day, I realise I couldn't jog/walk every day without my right foot hurting.

My right foot has actually been hurting for 3-4 years. Back when I first joined my previous company, I was working as sales and was wearing heels and walking a lot visiting clients while carrying a heavy laptop, product catalog and quotations. The combination of bad shoes, a lot of walking, standing, and overweight me, eventually resulted in my foot developing Plantar fasciitis. It is basically where this ligament on the foot around the arch area is inflamed.

So every morning when I wake up, my first few step usually hurts until I kind of warm up the ligament. If I sit too long or stand too long, or walk and run too much, the arch hurts as well. The first time I realised I had this problem, the doctor advised me 2 methods of treatment. His best option was for me to walk and stand less for a period of time to allow the inflammation to go away, which was impossible for me as a sales person. So I opted for his other option, which was to take an anti-inflammatory jab on the inflamed ligament. He warned me that the jab was going to be quite painful but I went with it. The jab was painful but bearable. Best part was that, minutes later my foot was no longer in pain!

However, months later I went to Korea with my friend and after climbing a small height on Seoraksan, the same problem came back. Since the foot pain wasn't really affecting my life, I decided to just live with it. For a while when I did Yoga and did lots of stretches, the problem went away as well, but it would always come back.

Anyways, one of the reasons I decided to lose weight was also precisely because of this heel pain. It just wasn't getting any better and I decided that the best way to stop the vicious cycle was to lose weight. I have a foot size of about 5, which is pretty small. I guess my feet are basically complaining that they can't handle the weight anymore lol

So, I realised I couldn't jog every day without getting my heel really inflamed and painful. So now I stick to jogging about 2 or at most 3 times a week. I also try to stretch the leg frequently in the day and it is definitely helping. Hopefully the problem will go away after I lose more weight.

Bringing Nanashi Out

I have been in the BJD hobby for about just about 2 years and Nanashi has been with me for about 6 months.

I came to know about Hujoo Freyr dolls thanks to Nafaid's friend Char, who had the same model which she painted the face-up herself. Char's doll, Yuuta is totally adorable and she would bring him to her travels and take photos of him at the place of attraction. Every time Char shared her photos on FB, I would be tempted to get a similar Yuuta for myself. One day while scrolling through Carousel, I saw someone selling a used Hujoo Freyr doll for S$100 and I immediately contacted the seller. I think I was pretty lucky.

After getting the doll from the seller, I spent weeks researching and figuring out how to do face-ups, and spent more weeks gathering all the materials, before finally doing the face-up. The result was Nanashi, my beautiful grey and white kitty with pink ears.

I thought of bringing him out, as he is very small and light. But most friends were not so welcoming with the idea, which I can totally understand. Not everyone likes dolls, and there are doll types that I personally dislike as well. Wagyuade even jokingly told me she would dump him in the bin if I were to bring him on our trip to Perth. I like to remind her nowadays that her new boyfriend has a Dollfie Dream doll. Life is like a box of chocolates such times lol.

Anyways, on Saturday, Nanashi finally had his first excursion out of the house with me and Nafaid. Nafaid tried to pack him in her backpack pocket but it wasn't deep enough. So he ended up in my bag's pocket which fitted him perfectly. We brought him to Great World City before Nafaid brought him home for a staycation. She sent me lots of photos and I have to say she is a great photographer and Nanashi seems so alive and having fun lol.

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Nafaid and I will be meeting up this weekend again so Nanashi will be back by then. Meanwhile, I have finally ordered some Ken clothes from carousell so that Nanashi can have some proper clothes. Hopefully the clothes will fit him and make him look all the more cuter!

Little Monster Yuki

The little monster has been putting on a lot of weight after her spay. She used to be very picky about food and barely ate. Ever since her spay, her appetite has grown by triple and she eats EVERYTHING she sees. We have to be very careful not to drop any food on the floor because she would sweep through the food like a hurricane.

At the same time, I have been making it a point to bring her down for walks every evening or night if I can. The walks are fast, usually around 15-20mins because Yuki walks super fast. She walks very quickly because she is scared and worried. I kind of regret not socialising her more during her first 4 months. She is totally a hikkikomori girl who is scared of everything outside her small comfort zone. But well, I guess poodles are just more cautious and gancheong than zen-type shih tzus?


I still can't stop listening to Huo Zun. Think I will be fangirling him for a while while exploring all his music xD.

The lyrics of this song is very beautiful because they are written by 方文山, which also means that I can't pronounce some of the words.

Art - 粉墨

It's been years since I drew anything, because I was so busy with work I just didn't really had much time to do it.
Last night, decided to just do a quick practice. Quick practice turned into this today.

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Drawing pose is based on this chinese singer called Henry Huo/Huo Zun (霍尊) whom I recently fell in love with.
Because his singing is sooooooo good.

Thanks to Ros, I had actually been chasing Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) and was watching Singer 2018 to see Huahua. Huo Zun appeared as one of the challengers in the 8th episode and I was immediately blown away by his singing and style...

因为完全就是仙人仙音啊~!! (跪拜)


霍尊 《北京一夜》 -- definitely one of my favourite songs even in its original version, and Huo Zun sang it perfectly XD

He also acted in a movie called 《花落梦深处》where he sings the theme song《粉墨》.

I managed to watch the movie since it was on youtube as well.

In 《花落梦深处》, Huo Zun acts as a Japanese young man visiting a Chinese old town where he falls in love with a Kunqu Opera singer girl. As he stays in the town, he slowly discovers that his grandfather and the town has a hidden story that might bring him and the girl apart.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The story is quite pretty but slow. And I'm still kind of confused over the story, which I think was the intention of the movie to blur the lines between dreams and reality. But... it's still a very beautiful story, feeling more like a short novel than movie.